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Chinese Character: 庭
Written in English: ting

ting.庭.Chinese Character

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1. Basic Information

Chinese Character:

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Chinese Character:
Chinese pinyin(s)
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Pinyin(s) with tone
And ronunciation(s):
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Component Strokes:Dian, Heng, Pie, Pie, Heng, Shu, Heng, Heng Zhe Zhe Pie, Na
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3. Meanings and Phrases for your Chinese tattoos

  1. hall; single room in a house, esp a large or famous one;
  2. front courtyard; front yard;
  3. law court;
  4. a not common Chinese family name.
Phrases helpful to understanding and Chinese tattoos:
  1. bai zhan ting - Byzantium.
  2. chu ting - appear; act as a counsel in a lawcourt.
  3. chun ting - alias for father.
  4. fa ting - law court.
  5. gai huan men ting - change one's family status; switch allegiance to a new patron.
  6. guang yao men ting - bring honour to one's family.
  7. gui zu jia ting - aristocratic family.
  8. jia ting - family; household.
  9. jian li jia ting - set up a family.
  10. men ting - courtyard; front yard.
  11. men ting - family status.
  12. men ting ruo shi - the courtyard is as crowed as a marketplace - a much visited house; the shop is doing booming business.
  13. shang su fa ting - appeal court.
  14. ting yuan - front courtyard; front yard.
  15. xiu ting - adjourn; (of people in court) stop proceedings and separate.
Native names with this character as a Chinese given name:

4. Characters written by the ancient Calligraphers

The images below are Chinese characters of 庭 written by the ancient Chinese calligraphers. I has collected them from some calligraphy dictionaries. I think they are helpful to you Chinese tattoos or other purpose.

 Calligraphy work of 庭
Artist: Zhao Mengfu
 Calligraphy work of 庭
Artist: Ouyang Xun
 Calligraphy work of 庭
Artist: Shao Gui
 Calligraphy work of 庭
Artist: Tang Ying
 Calligraphy work of 庭
Artist: Wang Duo