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Chinese Character: 在
Written in English: zai

zai.在.Chinese Character

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1. Basic Information

Chinese Character:

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Chinese Character:
Chinese pinyin(s)
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Component Strokes:Heng, Pie, Shu, Heng, Shu, Heng
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3. Meanings and Phrases for your Chinese tattoos

  1. exist; be alive;
  2. be at, in or on (a place);
  3. be on the job or at the post;
  4. depend on; rest with;
  5. at, in or on (a place or time);
  6. (used for indicating an action in progress);
Phrases helpful to understanding and Chinese tattoos:
  1. an xian zi zai - be leisurely and carefree.
  2. bao kuo zai nei - among; in the number of (sth); included in.
  3. bu cun zai - absence; lack; non-existence.
  4. bu cun zai - absent; not existing; lacking.
  5. bu zai - absence (from...); being away.
  6. bu zai - absent (from sth); not present (at sth); at another place (than...).
  7. bu zai - absent oneself; not be present (at sth); stay away (from sth).
  8. cai zai jiao xia - trample sb/sth under foot.
  9. chang qi cun zai - long-standing, or old.
  10. cun zai - exist; live; survive; stay alive; in existence.
  11. cun zai - (philosophy) being; existence.
  12. cun zai yi jiu - age-old; having existed for a very long time.
  13. hao nan er zhi zai si fang - A real good man goes wherever his ambition takes him.
  14. jia chan wan guan bu ru bo ji zai shen - A little skill is better than a great fortune.
  15. le zai qi zhong - find pleasure in.
  16. man bu zai hu - airily; in a carefree light-hearted manner.
  17. meng zai gu li - be kept inside a drum - be kept in the dark.
  18. mou shi zai ren cheng shi zai tian - Man proposes, God disposes.
  19. nian zi zai zi - be kept that thing (or that person) always in mind and unforgotten.
  20. shan bu zai gao you xian ze ling - any mountain, high or low, can be given spirit by god.
  21. shi dai zai bian - Times are changing.
  22. shi zai - really, truly; indeed.
  23. shi zai - actually; really; in fact.
  24. shi zai bu xing - always; if everything else fails; whatever the circumstances may be.
  25. shi zai bi xing - be imperative (under the circumstance).
  26. shi zai ren wei - it all depends on human effort; human effort is the decisive factor.
  27. xian zai - time being; moment; present time.
  28. xiao yao zi zai - take life easy, leisurely and carefree.
  29. xin bu zai yan - absent-minded; with one's mind on other things; forgetful.
  30. yi wai shi gu zai suo nan mian - accident; accidents will happen; (saying) some unfortunate events must be accepted as inevitable.
  31. zai an shang - ashore; on the shore.
  32. zai chang - be on the scene; be on the spot.
  33. zai chuan shang - afloat; at sea; on board ship.
  34. zai chuan wei - astern; in or at the stern of a ship.
  35. zai ding shang - atop; at or on the top of (sth).
  36. zai fu jin - around; near (a place).
  37. zai hai shang - afloat; at sea; on board ship.
  38. zai hang - be expert at/in/on sth; know one's stuff; know the ropes.
  39. zai hou mian - after; next to and following (sb/sth) in order, arrangement or importance; behind (sb/sth).
  40. zai hu - (usually used in the negative) care about; mind; take to heart.
  41. zai ji wei - astern; in or at the tail of an aircraft.
  42. zai jia - be at home; be in.
  43. zai jia kao fu mu chu men kao peng you - when at home; one depends on one's parents, and when away from home, one needs the support of friends.
  44. zai jin chu - around; near (a place).
  45. zai kong zhong - aloft; up in the air.
  46. zai lu di - ashore; on the land.
  47. zai nei - be included.
  48. zai qian - ahead (of sb/sth) further forward in space or time.
  49. zai wei bu - aft; in, near or towards the stern of a ship or the tail of an aircraft.
  50. zai wei - be on the job or at the post.
  51. zai xia wu - in the afternoons as a practice or habit.
  52. zai xian - antecedence; priority.
  53. zai yi bian - on one side of the main position, direction, etc; aside.
  54. zai yu - (of abstract things) exist or be found; lie (in sth); have sth as its chief or only element or feature; consist in.
  55. zai yu - depend on; rest with.
  56. zai zhi jian - among; between.
  57. zai zhi - be on the job or at the post.
  58. zai zui hou - at the rear (of a troop or a team).
  59. zheng zai - just at (a time or place); in the process/course of.
  60. zheng zai jin xing - afoot; being prepared or progressing.
  61. zheng zai zhun bei - afoot; being prepared or progressing.
  62. zhi shen zai - be situated in.
  63. zhi zai bi de - be determined to win.
  64. zi zai - free and unrestrained.
  65. zui weng zhi yi bu zai jiu - the Old Tippler's delight does not reside in wine - have other things in mind; have ulterior motives.

4. Characters written by the ancient Calligraphers

The images below are Chinese characters of 在 written by the ancient Chinese calligraphers. I has collected them from some calligraphy dictionaries. I think they are helpful to you Chinese tattoos or other purpose.

 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Wu Shu
 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Bi Daoyuan
 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Fu Shan
 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Ouyang Xun
 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Wang Xizhi
 Calligraphy work of 在
Artist: Zhu Da