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Chinese Character: 回
Written in English: hui

hui.回.Chinese Character

Updated at 2013-10-27 19:34:09

1. Basic Information

Chinese Character:

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Chinese Character:
Chinese pinyin(s)
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Component Strokes:Shu, Heng Zhe, Shu, Heng Zhe, Heng, Heng
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3. Meanings and Phrases for your Chinese tattoos

  1. circle; wind;
  2. return; go back;
  3. turn round (one's body or a part of body);
  4. answer; reply;
  5. report back (to one's superior);
  6. decline (an invitation, etc); refuse;
  7. Hui ethnic group (Muslim) in China;
  8. measure word for the occasions;
  9. a not common Chinese family name.
Phrases helpful to understanding and Chinese tattoos:
  1. bao shan kong hui - return empty-handed from a treasure mountain - fail to benefit from a visit o a great scholar or a place of learning.
  2. bu kan hui shou - cannot bear to look back on the past; cannot stand to think of the old times; find it unbearable to recall; too sad to reflect on the past.
  3. fan hui - return; go back; come back.
  4. feng hui lu zhuan - winding path amidst high peaks; amidst surrounding elevations and winding paths.
  5. hui bao - recompense; requite.
  6. hui bao - answer; reply.
  7. hui bi - avoid; evade; shun.
  8. hui bing - report back (to one's superior).
  9. hui da - answer; respond; answer; say/write/do sth in response to (sb/sth); reply; reciprocate.
  10. hui da - answer (to sb/sth); thing said, written or done as a response or reaction; reply.
  11. hui gu - review; revise.
  12. hui jia - go home.
  13. hui lai - go back; come back; be back.
  14. hui tie - acknowledgement or acknowledgment; letter, etc stating that sth has been received.
  15. hui tou - turn one's head; turn round.
  16. hui tou - repent.
  17. hui tou - at a later time or stage.
  18. hui tou shi an - turn back and you are ashore (from a sea of sorrow).
  19. hui wei - after-taste; impression or feeling that stays in the mind.
  20. hui xiang - recall; recollect; remember.
  21. hui xin - acknowledgement or acknowledgment; letter, etc stating that sth has been received.
  22. hui yi - call to mind; recollect; recall.
  23. hui yi - memory; reminiscence.
  24. hui ying - answer or respond.
  25. hui zu - Hui ethnic group (Muslim) in China.
  26. hui zui - answer back; answer (sb) back; speak rudely or cheekily (to sb), esp when being criticized oneself.
  27. ke hui da - answerable; that can be answered.
  28. miao shou hui chun - (of a doctor) effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life.
  29. wan hui - retrieve; redeem.
  30. wang shi bu kan hui shou - It's sad to look back on those old days; It's too sad to reflect on the past.
  31. yi hui sheng, er hui shu - strangers at the first meeting, friends at the second; difficult the first time, easy the second.
  32. zao dian hui jia - go home early.
  33. zhuan hui lai - turn around; turn over.
  34. zuo wei hui ying - in answer; in answer (to sth); as a reply.
Native names with this character as a Chinese family name: