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Chinese Character: 光
Written in English: guang

guang.光.Chinese Character

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1. Basic Information

Chinese Character:

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Chinese Character:
Chinese pinyin(s)
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Component Strokes:Shu, Dian, Pie, Heng, Pie, Shu Wan Gou
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3. Meanings and Phrases for your Chinese tattoos

  1. light;
  2. scenery;
  3. honor; glory;
  4. brightness; luster;
  5. glorify; bring honor to;
  6. bare; be naked;
  7. bare, or naked;
  8. smooth, glossy, or polished;
  9. all gone, used up, or nothing left;
  10. only, alone;
  11. a not common Chinese family name.
Phrases helpful to understanding and Chinese tattoos:
  1. bai run guang hua - alabaster; white or smooth like alabaster.
  2. bei ji guang - northern lights.
  3. bei guang - in a bad/poor light; in one's own light; with one's back to the light.
  4. bu guang ming - stealthy, surreptitious.
  5. chan sheng hu guang - arc; form an electric arc.
  6. chen guang - light of the early morning sun; first light of day; first glimmerings of dawn.
  7. chen guang xi wei - first faint rays of dawn; first rays of the morning sun.
  8. fa guang - shine; give out/emit light; gleam.
  9. fa guang - aglow; glowing; shining with warmth and colour; luminescent; luminous.
  10. fa guang cai - aglow; glowing; shining with warmth and colour.
  11. feng guang - scenery; scene; view;sight.
  12. feng guang - grand; impressive.
  13. fo guang - light of Buddha; Buddhist radiance.
  14. fo guang pu zhao - omnipresent light of Buddha.
  15. guang cai - gleaming brightness, shiny quality, or brilliance.
  16. guang cai - lustre or luster; soft brightness of a smooth or shining surface; gleaming brightness; shiny quality; sheen.
  17. guang cai - honor or glory.
  18. guang cai duo mu - splendid; dazzlingly brilliant; radiant.
  19. guang cai xuan mu - blindingly bright; with dazzling splendour.
  20. guang cai yao yan - bright, brilliant illuminating.
  21. guang da - glorify; bring honor to.
  22. guang gun - bachlor; unmarried adult man.
  23. guang hua - smooth, glossy, or polished.
  24. guang hui - brilliance; radiance; splendor; glory.
  25. guang hui - brilliant; glorious.
  26. guang hui can lan - brilliant; dazzling.
  27. guang hui si xiang - magnificent ideas.
  28. guang hui ye ji - glorious achievement.
  29. guang hui zhu zuo - magnificent works.
  30. guang liang - brilliant, or glittering.
  31. guang liang - brilliant, or glittering.
  32. guang liang tou ming - bright and transparent.
  33. guang mang - radiance; refulgence.
  34. guang ming - bright, full of light, splendid, brilliant, or shining.
  35. guang ming - brightness.
  36. guang ming - open-hearted; guileless.
  37. guang ming lei luo - upright and honorable.
  38. guang ming zheng da - just and honest; open/square and aboveboard.
  39. guang quan - aperture; (size of an) adjustable opening for admitting light into a camera.
  40. guang rong - glorious; honourable; honoured.
  41. guang rong - high fame and honour won by great achievements; glory.
  42. guang tu tu - (of something) without the expected covering; bald, or bare.
  43. guang xiao ying yi shu - op art or optical art; optical art) form of modern abstract art using geometrical patterns that produce optical illusions.
  44. guang yao - brilliance; radiation; resplendence.
  45. guang yao - glory; honour; credit.
  46. guang yao - glorify; brighten.
  47. guang yao duo mu - dazzlingly brilliant.
  48. guang yao men mei - bring honor to one's family.
  49. guang yao men ting - bring honour to one's family.
  50. guang yin - time, e.g. past/present/future time.
  51. guang yin liu shi - Time elapses/passes.
  52. guang yin si jian - Time flies (like an arrow).
  53. guang ze - luster (of metal, pearls, jade, etc).
  54. guang zhe - bare.
  55. hu guang - arc; luminous electric current passing across a gap between two terminals.
  56. man mian hong guang - face all aglow.
  57. mu guang - eye; power of seeing; ability to see; eyesight.
  58. mu guang min rui - have sharp eyes; be sharp-eyed.
  59. mu guang rui li - have a piercing eye.
  60. mu yu yang guang - bathe oneself in the sun.
  61. ri guang - sunshine; sun light.
  62. rong guang - glow on the face.
  63. rong guang huan fa - alight with joy.
  64. san guang - astigmatism; defect in an eye that prevents correct focusing.
  65. shao guang - beautiful time; beautiful springtime.
  66. shao guang - glorious youth.
  67. shao guang yi shi - Youth passes quickly.
  68. shi guang - period of time associated with certain events, people, etc; times; days.
  69. shi guang yi shi - Time flies.
  70. shu guang - first light of morning.
  71. tao guang yang hui - hide one's capacities and bide one's time.
  72. tian yuan feng guang - rural/idyllic scenery.
  73. wu guang shi se - multicoloured; bright with many colours.
  74. xi ni guang hua - moist, smooth, or sleek.
  75. xia guang - rays of morning or evening sunlight.
  76. xia guang wan dao - myriad of sun rays.
  77. xing guang - astral beams.
  78. xing guang can lan - The stars were shining bright.
  79. yan guang - eys.
  80. yan guang - ability to see, observe, distinguish or appreciate sth.
  81. yan guang - views (about/on sth); way of looking at things.
  82. yan guang hao - sharp-eyed; clear-sighted; having an eye for sth.
  83. yang guang - sunlight.
  84. yang guang can lan - the sunshine is brilliant or splendid.
  85. yang guang ming mei - The sun shines gaily/brightly.
  86. yang guang pu zhao - The sun illuminates every corner of the land. / The sun shines all over the land.
  87. yi cun guang yin yi cun jin - Time is money.
  88. yi pian yue guang - a flood of moonlight.
  89. yue guang - moonlight; moonbeam; moon ray.
  90. yue guang jiao jie - The moon shone brightly.
  91. zeng guang - add lustre/glory to; do credit to; add to the prestige of.
  92. zhan guang - benefit from association with sb or sth.
  93. zhan lve yan guang - strategic vision.
  94. zhu guang bao qi - be bedecked/ablaze/dripping with jewels; be richly bejewelled.
Native names with this character as a Chinese given name:

4. Characters written by the ancient Calligraphers

The images below are Chinese characters of 光 written by the ancient Chinese calligraphers. I has collected them from some calligraphy dictionaries. I think they are helpful to you Chinese tattoos or other purpose.

 Calligraphy work of 光
Artist: Huang Zhibi
 Calligraphy work of 光
Artist: Li Shimin
 Calligraphy work of 光
Artist: Mi Fu
 Calligraphy work of 光
Artist: Yan Zhenqing
 Calligraphy work of 光
Artist: Zhu Da