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FukName In Chinese

Fuk.Name in Chinese.富克

Updated at 2013-10-24 21:24:44

English Name: Fuk
Chinese Name: 富克
Chinese Pinyin:Fu Ke
For Serbian.
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Chinese name meanings
The 1st Chinese character, , fu , and means:
  1. rich, having a lot of money or possessions;
  2. enrich;
  3. possessions;
  4. abundant, or plentiful;
  5. a common family name.
The 2nd, , ke , and means:
  1. can; be able to;
  2. overcome; succeed in a struggle against (sth); defeat;
  3. subdue or capture (a city,etc.);
  4. digest (food);
  5. restrain; set (a date/a time limit) ;
  6. gram (g.), a unit of weight;
  7. a not common family name.