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Chinese Phraseniu yue

Updated at 2013-10-27 19:39:54

Chinese Character:
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Chinese pinyin(s)
or written in English:
niu yue
What is Chinese pinyin?
Pinyin(s) with tone
And ronunciation(s):
niǔ yuē
What is Chinese pinyin with tone?
  1. New York;

Meanings of each Chinese character

The 1st Chinese character, , niu , and means:
  1. handle; knob (usually on the top) of something;
  2. button of clothing;
  3. center of (transportation, information, etc); pivot; hub;
  4. a not common family name.
The 2nd, , yue , and means:
  1. make an appointment; arrange;
  2. ask or invite in advance;
  3. pact; agreement; appointment;
  4. restrict; restrain;
  5. economical, or frugal;
  6. about, around, or approximately;