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Chinese Phrasehai kuo tian kong

Updated at 2013-10-27 19:39:54

Chinese Character:
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Chinese pinyin(s)
or written in English:
hai kuo tian kong
What is Chinese pinyin?
Pinyin(s) with tone
And ronunciation(s):
hǎi kuò tiān kōng
What is Chinese pinyin with tone?
  1. as boundless as the sea and sky; endlessly vast;
  2. unrestrained and far-ranging;

Meanings of each Chinese character

The 1st Chinese character, , hai , and means:
  1. sea or big lake;
  2. a great number of people or things coming together;
  3. randomly, aimlessly;
  4. without restraint;
  5. extra large, or of great capacity;
  6. a not common family name.
The 2nd, , kuo , and means:
  1. (an area) broad, broad, or vast;
  2. rich or wealthy;
  3. unworkable,unrealistic, or impractical;
  4. a common family name.
The 3rd, , tian , and means:
  1. sky;
  2. overhead;
  3. day; period of 24 hours; daytime;
  4. measure word for days;
  5. period of time in a day;
  6. season, eg winter, the rainy season, etc;
  7. weather;
  8. natural, or inborn;
  9. nature; whole universe and every created, not man-made, thing;
  10. God, or Heaven;
  11. a not common family name.
The 4th, , kong , and means:
  1. empty, hollow, or void;
  2. sky; air;
  3. for nothing, in vain, or fruitless;
  4. a not common family name.