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Chinese Phrasesan ren xing bi you wo shi

Updated at 2013-10-27 19:39:54

Chinese Character:
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Chinese pinyin(s)
or written in English:
san ren xing bi you wo shi
What is Chinese pinyin?
Pinyin(s) with tone
And ronunciation(s):
sān rén xíng bì yǒu wǒ shī
What is Chinese pinyin with tone?
  1. where there are three men walking together, one of them must be qualified to be my teacher;

Meanings of each Chinese character

The 1st Chinese character, , san , and means:
  1. three;
  2. more than two, or several;
  3. a not common family name.
The 2nd, , ren , and means:
  1. human being, person, or people;
  2. other people, or other(s);
  3. everybody, each, or all;
  4. (used as a suffix to indicate a certain people;
  5. quality or character of people;
  6. manpower; talents;
  7. a not common family name.
The 3rd, , xing , and means:
  1. walk; travel;
  2. trip;
  3. temporary, or makeshift;
  4. be current;
  5. do; perform; carry out; engage in;
  6. used before a disyllabic verb, indicating the performance of some action;
  7. behavior; ehaviour; conduct; manners;
  8. be all right; OK;
  9. capable, or competent;
  10. a not common family name.
The 4th, , bi , and means:
  1. surely; certainly; definitely;
  2. must; have to; need;
  3. a not common family name.
The 5th, , you , and means:
  1. have; possess;
  2. there is, or exist;
  3. (used in making an estimate or a comparison);
  4. (used to indicate something appearing or occurring);
  5. (used to express the idea of having plenty of);
  6. a not common family name.
The 6th, , wo , and means:
  1. I, or me (sometimes also indicate we or us);
  2. self-, or oneself;
The 7th, , shi , and means:
  1. teacher; tutor; master;
  2. model; example;
  3. person skilled in a certain profession;
  4. ( a term of respect for a monk or nun) master;
  5. of one's master or teacher;
  6. division in a troop;
  7. troops, or army;
  8. study; learn; imitate; copy;
  9. a common family name.