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Irene Wan

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portrait of Irene Wan
English Name: Irene Wan
Chinese Name: 温碧霞
Chinese Pinyin:Wen Bixia
born in July 30, 1966, a well-known actress from China Hong Kong.

Her name is a typical, very common Chinese girl's name. 

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Chinese name meanings

The first Chinese character, , wen , is a common Chinese family name, and means:

  1. warm, or lukewarm, having a mild temperature;
  2. temperature; degree of heat or cold;
  3. warm up slightly;
  4. ( a person) mild, or gentle;
  5. (usually of a woman) gentle and soft;
  6. review; revise;
  7. a common family name.

The second Chinese character, , bi , means:

  1. green jade;
  2. bluish green; blue;
  3. a not common family name.

The third Chinese character, , xia , means:

  1. rosy clouds; morning or evening glow;