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Alyssa Chia

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Updated at 2013-10-20 21:08:13

portrait of Alyssa Chia
English Name: Alyssa Chia
Chinese Name: 贾静雯
Chinese Pinyin:Jia Jingwen
born in October 7, 1974, an actress and a television hostess from China Taiwan.

Her name is one of the most common and typical Chinese girl's names. 

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Chinese name meanings

The first Chinese character, , jia , is a very common Chinese family name, and means:

  1. only used as a Chinese family name;
  2. a very common family name.

The second Chinese character, , jing , means:

  1. (almost) without movement or sound; quiet and calm;
  2. making no or little sound; not accompanied by any sound; quiet;
  3. calm and peaceful; tranquil;
  4. free from dirt or impurities; clean;
  5. (of words) intended to mislead;
  6. a not common family name.

The third Chinese character, , wen , means:

  1. colorful clouds;
  2. a not common family name.