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Pauline Chan

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Updated at 2013-10-20 21:08:13

portrait of Pauline Chan
English Name: Pauline Chan
Chinese Name: 陈宝莲
Chinese Pinyin:Chen Baolian
born in May 23, 1973, a porn star in X-rated movie in China, and committed suicide on July 31, 2002 in Shanghai.

Her name is a very common Chinese name for a girl, and means precious lotus flower.  Her English name Pauline pronounces similarly to her given name Baolian, so is a very good English name matching her Chinese name.

More Chinese name meanings

Chinese name meanings

The first Chinese character, , chen , is a very common Chinese family name, and means:

  1. arrange in order; lay out; put on display;
  2. state; explain; speak logically;
  3. old; having stored for a long time (e.g. wine, alcohol, etc);
  4. stale; not fresh;
  5. a very common family name.

The second Chinese character, , bao , means:

  1. highly valued object; or person who is much loved or valued; treasure;
  2. precious; treasured;
  3. (honorific) your;
  4. kind of gambling tool in ancient time;
  5. a not common family name.

The third Chinese character, , lian , means:

  1. lotus; lotus flower;
  2. a not common family name.