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Lucy Alexis Liu

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Updated at 2013-10-20 21:08:13

portrait of Lucy Alexis Liu
English Name: Lucy Alexis Liu
Chinese Name: 刘玉玲
Chinese Pinyin:Liu Yuling
born in December 2, 1968, an Asian-American movie star from the United States.

Her Name is very common and a typical Chinese girl's name. 

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Chinese name meanings

The first Chinese character, , liu , is a very common Chinese family name, and means:

  1. only used as a Chinese family name;
  2. a very common family name.

The second Chinese character, , yu , means:

  1. jade. Here are some sort of jade.
  2. (of a person, esp. a woman) pure, or beautiful;
  3. a not common family name.

The third Chinese character, , ling , means:

  1. sound (as) of jades striking together;
  2. a not common family name.