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The Year Of Dragon: Related Chinese Words

Published at 2013-07-17 21:20:31 Updated at 2013-07-17 21:20:31

During Chinese new year, or Spring Festival, if you visit your Chinese firends, the following information are helpful.

1. Before Your Visit.

The first thing before you are going to visit your Chinese friend who have children is 'Red Packet', a money wrapper in a red envelope used to give kids as a gift to wish the children be safe and healthy in the new year.Of course, if you have children too, they will return Red Bags with the same or more money.

And normally, do not visit your Chinese friends on the eve of Chinese new year, January 22 of this year, when is the time for the reunion of their whole family. We call it as tuan nian, and the banquet is called: nian ye fan.

Do you know why the passengers transport around the spring festival is a headache to both the government and passengers? Because all people hope to be home to take this meal with family!

2. Greeting When Meet

At this special occasion, If you meet or visit your Chinese friends, the following are common greeting words:

Chinese Greeting WordsWritten in EnglishMeaning
gei nin bai nianWish Happy New Year to You
gong xi fa caiMay you Be Prosperous! May You Will Earn A Lot Of Money! May You Obtain A Fortunes!
wan shi ru yiEverything is as one wishes! Have good luck in everything!
shen ti jian kangMay You Be Healthy
he jia huan leEnjoy Happy Family!

3. Symbol of Dragon

The Dragon is a symbol of 'power, happiness, goo luck, fortune', so the year of the Dragon is one of the most important years in Chinese tradition. Many new couples hope to have a baby, especially a son, in the year of the Dragon. A baby born in this year is called The Son of the Dragon or The daughter of the Dragon .

4. Chinese Dragon Phrases

Chinese ChractersWritten in EnglishMeaning
sheng long huo hudoughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger.
cang long wo hucrouching tiger and hidden dragon - talents in obscurity.
long ma jing shenvigour of a dragon horse, a legendary steed - vigorous spirit (of people).
long pan feng yilike a coiling dragon and a hidden phoenix - (of people) have unrecognized talents.
hu ju long panforbidding strategic point like a tiger crouching or a dragon curling.
long feng cheng xiangunion of a dragon and a phoenix foretells good fortune - symbol of harmony and good fortune.
long tan hu xuedragon's lake and tiger's den - danger spot; place of danger.
long teng hu yue(like) dragons rising and tigers leaping - scene of hustling and bustling activity; do or act with might and main.
long xiang hu buwalk with one's head up like a dragon horse or a tiger - walk with majestic steps; walk at martial gait.
long yin hu xiaodragons singing and tigers roaring - waves roaring and wind howling.
long yue feng minglike dragons leaping and phoenix singing - be of exceptional talent; have brilliant intellect.
jiao long de shuiflood dragon goes into water - be in the most congenial surroundings; get a good opportunity to display one's talent.
long zheng hu doufighting between a dragon and a tiger - fierce struggle between well-matched opponents; combat/fight/competition between giants.
long xing hu bumajestic bearing; imposing air.
long ju feng chudragon colt or young phoenix - brilliant young man; young, talented scholar.
bi zou long shewriting brush goes like dragon and snakes - (of Chinese calligraphy) vigorous and graceful.
long fei feng wulike dragons flying and phoenixes dancing - (of Chinese calligraphy) lively and vigorous.
hua long dian jingbring a picture of a dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes - add the touch that brings a work of art to life; to add the finishing touch; to add an apt word to clinch the point.
long de chuan rendescendants of the dragon - Chinese native.
wang zi cheng longambitious for one's children.
long sheng jiu zidragon has nine sons and each has its own distinctive temperament - siblings may diff in many ways.
long fengdragon and phoenix - virtuous and talented person.
long mei feng mulong-eyebrows and slit eyes.
long gongpalace of the Dragon King.
long juan fengtornado.
long paoimperial robe.
long wangDragon King (sea and rain god in Chinese mythology).
long yancountenance of an emperor; imperial countenance; (2) emperor.
long zhoudragon boat.
pan long fu fengplay up to people of a power and influence; to put oneself under the patronage of a bigwig.
pao long taoplay a walk-on part, or play a bit role.
tu long zhi jiart of butchering dragons - an art of a high order but of little value.
ye gong hao longLord Ye's love of dragons - professed love of what one really fears.

5. Dragon pictures

The Chinese character shown on the following image means Dragon. The characters shown in the upper two rows are 'dragon' in simplified Chinese, and those in the third row are in traditional Chinese which is mostly used in China Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.