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The Year Of Dragon
Related Chinese Characters

During Chinese new year, or Spring Festival, if you visit your Chinese friends, the following information are helpful.

1. Before Your Visit.

The first thing before you are going to visit your Chinese friend who have children is 'Red Packet', a money wrapper in a red envelope used to give kids as a gift to wish the children be safe and healthy in the new year.Of course, if you have children too, they will return Red Bags with the same or more money.

And normally, do not visit your Chinese friends on the eve of Chinese new year, January 22 of this year, when is the time for the reunion of their whole family. We call it as tuan nian, and the banquet is called: nian ye fan.

Do you know why the passengers transport around the spring festival is a headache to both the government and passengers? Because all people hope to be home to take this meal with family!

2. Greeting When Meet

At this special occasion, If you meet or visit your Chinese friends, the following are common greeting words:

3. Symbol of Dragon

The Dragon is a symbol of 'power, happiness, goo luck, fortune', so the year of the Dragon is one of the most important years in Chinese tradition. Many new couples hope to have a baby, especially a son, in the year of the Dragon. A baby born in this year is called The Son of the Dragon or The daughter of the Dragon .

4. Chinese Dragon Phrases

5. Dragon pictures

The Chinese character shown on the following image means Dragon. The characters shown in the upper two rows are 'dragon' in simplified Chinese, and those in the third row are in traditional Chinese which is mostly used in China Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.