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Chinese Name Meaning

Chinese Name Meaning of Ruoying
Chinese name meaning for Ruoying, in Chinese 若英, a name for a movie star Rene Liu, is (1) flowers of Pollia japonica Thunb which used to decorate gorgeous clothes described in ancient poem; (2) select or choose being outstanding; (3)flower-like.
Chinese Name Meaning of Jialing
Chinese name meaning for Jialing, in Chinese 嘉玲, a name for a movie star Carina Lau, is luscious sounds; happy voices; fine sounds; pleasant sounds. Jialing is a very popular Chinese girl's name.
Chinese Name Meaning Of Ailian
Chinese name meaning of Ailian, in Chinese 爱莲, is to love lotus, or to love lotus flower. Lotus is popularly used in Chinese girl's names because of its character of keeping clean out of the dirty water.
Chinese Name Meaning of Kefu
Chinese name meaning of Kefu is able to be a good husband. It is no problem literally. But, does a native Chinese think so?
How Joel Mckinlay get his Chinese name
A man from New Zealand gets his Chinese name from a geological name where is thought as the best scenic areas in the world.
Chinese Name Meaning of the President Xi Jinping's siblings'
The Chairman of China Xi Jingping has 6 siblings. Except two of his sisters', their Chinese names are composed of a family name, a generation name and a middle name. Their names demonstrate Chinese naming tradition and culture well.
Chinese Name Meaning of Jinglei
Chinese name meaning of linglei, in Chinese 静蕾, literally means (1) calm and peaceful bud, (2) clean bud. Moreover it probably describes to watch buds in the rain at a quiet level area surrounded by hills which is inherited from a line of ancient verse.
Chinese Name Meaning of Stefanie Sun's Sisters'
Sun Yanzi, in Chinese characters 孙燕姿, is the Chinese name of Stefanie Sun, a very famous singer and song writer from Singapore. Her father says her Chinese name meaning is the second daughter. Why? An image illustrate it.
Chinese Name Meaning of Jing
Chinese name meaning of Jing, in Chinese 静, is quiet, without movement or sound; calm and peaceful; clean and pure. It is one of the most common names for girls and sometime for boys.
Chinese Name Meaning of Zhi
Chinese name meaning of Zhi, in Chinese 芝, is keep being fragrant even no person to appreciate it. And an associated phrase give this name additional meaning of true friendship, and noble character.
Chinese Name Meaning of Zihe
One of the Chinese name meanings of Zihe, in Chinese 子荷, is young and tender lotus; and another one perhaps a child shoulders firewood his father chops implying follows in his father's footsteps.
Chinese Name Meaning of Lili
The Chinese name meaning of Lili is a pair of beauty, or beauty in pairs. Interesting and strange, a former Chinese female table tennis champion with this name never won a singles title.
Chinese Name Meaning of Haisheng
The Chinese name meaning of Haisheng is (to win) a great victory. Haisheng is a very popular name for men, and Chinese astronaut Nie Haisheng has this name.
Chinese Name Meaning of Wendi
Chinese name meaning of Wendi is cultural theory or truth, or to enlighten people as to learn more culture knowledge and be enlightened.
Chinese Name Meaning of Guangcheng
Chinese name meaning of Guangcheng is bright and honest, or cheerful and sincere. One of Chinese people who has this given name is Cheng Guangcheng.
Chinese Name Meaning of Jun
Chinese name meaning of Jun is military; armed force; troops. It is one of the most common names suitable to both men and sometimes to women.
Chinese Name Meaning of Xilai
The Chinese name XILAI, matching 2 names in Chinese, 熙来, and 锡来. The Chinese name meaning for the first one is that the brightness, happiness, or prosperity will come; and the second one blessing descendants.
Chinese Name Meanings of Bo Xilai's Siblings
Chinese name meaning of Bo Xilai is brightness, harmonization, happiness, prosperity and thriving will come. and those of all his siblings, 3 brothers and 3 sisters, are given also.
Chinese Name Meaning of Shuo
The Chinese name meaning of Shuo is large, especially of considerable size, extent. But it is better to take its family name's meanings into account together; if it is a one-character name.
Chinese Name Meaning of Yanjia
Chinese name meaning of Yanjia, in Chinese 燕嘉, is good, happy, lively and pleasant. Because the first character yan, probably a Chinese generation name, has no effect on her name meaning.
Chinese Name Meaning of Yanmei
Because a generation name usually has little effect on Chinese name meaning, mei, in Chinese 美, the last Chinese character, represents all the meanings of her name those are (1) beautiful or pretty, (2) beautify or prettify, (3) beauty, (4) very satisfactory or good.
Chinese Name Meaning of Yanzi
Yanzi, in Chinese characters 燕姿, is the Chinese name of Stefanie Sun, a very famous singer and song writer from Singapore. Her father says her Chinese name meaning is the second daughter. Why?