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Chinese Man Names

Published at 2013-07-17 22:02:47 Updated at 2013-07-17 22:02:47

Each native Chinese name has a particular meaning

Each native Chinese name has a particular meaning which usually express that a father, grandfather, or himself hopes, wishes the name owner to be or to do. That is naming culture in China.

Normally, When a baby is going to be born, his/her father or grandfather is engaged to search a good sentence or phrase in dictionaries, classics, poetry, etc which represents his hopes or wishes, then extracts one or two words from it to compose the baby's name.

But, our latest statistics shows that the words used most frequently in boy's names still follow a basic rule. That is that words for boy's names are those represent 'strong, powerful, gleaming brightness, shiny quality, brilliance, prosperous, flourishing, dragon, outstanding person, hero, mountain, gentle, mild, refined, etc'.

The top 20 words for man's names are listed as follow. You could compare them to know briefly the meaning of Chinese names. Note that the top words we are talking about are the last characters of given names because they determine mainly the meaning of the names.

1. Top 20 Chinese Characters For Man's Names

TopChinese charactermeaningsName Samples
written in English:qiang
  1. strong, or powerful
  2. (usually used for a comparison) better, or superior
  3. (used after a fraction or decimal) slightly more than
  4. by force
  5. make or cause become stronger; strengthen
  6. make (sb/oneself) do sth he/one does not want to do; compel; oblige; force
  7. do with difficulty; manage with an effort; make an effort
Li Keqiang, Wang Baoqiang, Danny Chan, Wong Ka Keung, Tang Guoqiang, Lim Hng Kiang, Chan Sek Keong, Low Thia Khiang, Ha Hung Cuong, Roger R. Chi Keung Chen.
written in English:hua
  1. gleaming brightness, shiny quality, or brilliance
  2. prosperous, or flourishing
  3. in luxury or extravagant
  4. (hair) grey or grizzled
  5. best or finest part of something
  6. time; days
  7. China
Andy Lau, Wallace Huo, Felix Wong Yat Wa, Simon Yam, Datuk Peter CHIN FAH KUI, S. Iswaran, Hovav Ref, Chaerun Anwar, Guo Yuehua, Chen Xinhua.
written in English:ming
  1. bright, brilliant, or light
  2. clear, or distinct
  3. open, overt, or explicit
  4. sharp-eyed, clear-sighted
  5. immediately following in time, or next
  6. sight (of eyes)
  7. brightness
  8. understand; know
  9. name of Ming Dynasty in ancient China
Yao Ming, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Daoming, Mint Guo, Leon Lai Ming, Canti Lau, Wong Anthony, Bala Chandran Shankar, Nguyen Minh Triet, Nguyen Minh Quang.
written in English:long
  1. dragon animal
  2. huge extinct reptile, such as a dinosaur
  3. as a symbols of the emperor, or the emperor
Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Juno Mak, Liu Yunlong, Lee Hsien Loong, Eyal Yaron, Imron Cotan, Marolop Nainggolan, Chen Longcan, Fan Changlong.
written in English:jie
  1. outstanding, or prominent
  2. outstanding person; hero
Jet Li, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Sam Lee, Dave Wang, ONG TEE KEAT, Heng Swee Keat, S. Jaishankar, Xie Chaojie.
written in English:shan
  1. hill; mountain
  2. anything resembling a mountain
Zhao Benshan, Wang Qishan, Ezra Shoshani, Harel Bar, Santosh Pai, Liu Yunshan.
written in English:piong
  1. flat, level, even, or smooth
  2. equal, fair, or impartial
  3. average, or common
  4. make level or even; level
  5. be on the same level; be on a par; equal
  6. calm; assuage; pacify
  7. put down; suppress
Deng Xiaoping, Xi Jinping, Larry Hsien Ping Lang, Zhang Ping, Chinmoy Naik, Truong Hoa Binh.
written in English:wen
  1. characters of a language
  2. language, such as English, Chinese, or French
  3. literary composition; writing
  4. literary language
  5. state of intellectual development of a society
  6. arts; subjects of study
  7. formal ritual in the past
  8. certain natural phenomena, such as astronomy, etc
  9. civil, or non-military
  10. gentle, mild, or refined
  11. cover up; paint over
  12. tattoo
  13. measure word for copper cash in the past
Sun Yat sen, Jiang Wen, Dean Wu, Shawn Yue, Chiu Man Cheuk, Wang Zhiwen, Khaw Boon Wan, Ran Peleg, Vinayak P. Chavan, Tran Van Tuan.
written in English:min
  1. people
  2. member of a nationality
  3. person of a certain occupation
  4. among the people, popular or folk
  5. civil, non-military
Jiang Zemin, Benny Chan, Vic Chou, Yin Weimin, Mao Zemin.
written in English:sheng
  1. sound; voice
  2. reputation
  3. make a sound
  4. measure word for sounds
Chan Chun Sing, Ninad S. Deshpande, Wang Jiasheng, Yu Zhengsheng.
written in English:liang
  1. bright, light, or full of light
  2. loud and clear
  3. enlightened, or cheerful
  4. shine
  5. make one's voice loud and clear
  6. show or reveal (an opinion, view)
Anthony Lun, Liang Geliang, Huang Liang, Zhuge Liang.
written in English:hong
  1. grand, great, macro, or magnificent
Leehom Wang, Duan Yihong, Ashin Chen, Huang Hong, Ng Eng Hen.
written in English:liang
  1. fine, or good
  2. good; nice; kind people
  3. very
Michael Wong, Gallen Lo, Wallace Chung, Hui Liangyu, Jiang Jialiang, Wang Zhiliang.
written in English:sheng
  1. give birth to; bear
  2. be born; come into existence
  3. grow; develop
  4. light (a fire)
  5. life; living
  6. student; pupil
  7. (suffix, used in names of occupations or stations of person)
  8. alive, or living
  9. unripe, or green
  10. raw, or uncooked
  11. unprocessed, unrefined, or crude
  12. unfamiliar, unacquainted, or strange
  13. stiff, or mechanical
  14. (used before certain words indicating feeling or perception) very, or much
Anthony Wong, Chen Chusheng, Zhou Shenxian, Lim Swee Say, S. Jaishankar, Nguyen Sinh Hung, Xu Yinsheng.
written in English:ren
  1. benevolence; kindheartedness; humanity
  2. kernel of a nut
Yuan Guiren, S. Iswaran, Eliran Elimelech, Madhusudhanan Sridharan, Nguyen Thien Nhan.
written in English:guang
  1. light
  2. scenery
  3. honor; glory
  4. brightness; luster
  5. glorify; bring honor to
  6. bare; be naked
  7. bare, or naked
  8. smooth, glossy, or polished
  9. all gone, used up, or nothing left
  10. only, alone
Michael Wong, Liang Guanglie, Shen Guangzu, Lee Kuan Yew, Sandeep Jakhar, Phung Quang Thanh, Pham Quang Nghi, Tran Dai Quang, Nguyen Minh Quang, To Quang Thu.
written in English:jun
  1. handsome, or pretty
  2. of outstanding talent
JJ Lin, Vincent Chiao, Lawrence Chou, Bae Yong Joon, Tran Van Tuan, Hoang Tuan Anh, Wang Jun, Shi Zhihao.
written in English:hui
  1. brightness; splendor
  2. shine brightly; blaze
Gary Faye Locke, Kong Linghui, Auguste Kwan, Tony Leung, Vu Huy Hoang, To Huy Rua.
written in English:wei
  1. great, mighty
Tony Leung chiu wai, Sam Wang, Lawrence Chou, Fan Wei, Jiang Weixin, Patrick J. Kavanagh.
written in English:yu
  1. house
  2. space; universe; world
  3. (of a person) stylishness, or pleasing accomplishment
  4. (of a person) idiosyncrasy, or temperament
Francis Ng, Ray Liang, Phil Chang, Adarsh Swaika, Mao Xinyu.

2. Sun Yat-sen's Name

Sun Yat-sen has several Chinese names in his life.

Formal name given by his teacher.

When he was 10 years old and went to a private school, the teacher named him Sun Wen, in Chinese symbol

written in English:sun wen

The first Chinese character is his family name.

The second one is Wen, means gentle, mild, or refined; literary composition; writing, is the top 8 word used for Chinese man's names.

This Chinese name is his formal name, was used to the signature of documents and orders.

Another name extracted from an inscription

When he was 17, and studied at the Anglican Diocesan Home and Orphanage (now the Diocesan Boys' School) in Hong Kong, he gave himself a courtesy name Ri Xin, in Chinese symbols

written in English:ri xin

They are extracted from an ancient inscription on a bath of an outstanding Emperor.

written in English:gou ri xin ri ri xin you ri xin

The original meaning of this inscription is that a person should take a bath everyday to remove the dust and dirt of body. If he takes a bath at the first day, he has to do it at the next day, and can not be discontinued.

The extended meaning in the classic is that a person should learn more day after day, can not be discontinued.

3. A common person's name

A name for an ordinary young man I know is:

written in English:zhang xu dong

The first character is his family name.

The last two, his given name, are extracted from the first and third word of a Chinese phrase:

written in English:xu ri dong sheng

means the sun rising in the east - display of youthful vigour and vitality; be in the ascendant.

His mother told me that at the moment when the boy was born, the sun was rising, then grandpa give this name to the boy.

4. Names Consisted of Numbers

In China, it is not common to use numbers as a name, and rarer to name all family members with numbers. Knowing Names for the family members of Zhu Yuanzhan, the first Emperor of Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368 - 1644), I am sure, is a unique opportunity to know more about Chinese names.

His fifth-generation grandpa named

written in English:zhu zhong ba

The first Chinese character, Zhu, is his family name. And Zhong means second, and Ba is eight. (Details on numbers in Chinese).

He had three sons whose names were respectively

written in English:zhu liu er
means six two.
written in English:zhu shi er
means twelve.
written in English:zhu bai liu
means hundred and six.

And, Zhu Bailiu, also Zhu Hundred Six, had two boys. Thy were named as

written in English:zhu si wu
means four five.
written in English:zhu si jiu
means four nine.

Zhu Sijiu, or Zhu Four Nine, was the grand-grandpa of the Emperor and got 4 boys. Their names in Chinese symbols are:

written in English:zhu chu yi
means the first day
of Chinese lunar calendar
written in English:zhu chu er
means the second day
of Chinese lunar calendar
written in English:Zhu chu wu
means the fifth day
of Chinese lunar calendar
written in English:zhu chu shi
means the tenth day
of Chinese lunar calendar

Zhu Chu Yi or Zhu First Day was the grandpa of the Emperor. He had two sons, Zhu Five One and Zhu Five Four.

written in English:zhu wu yi
means five one
written in English:zhu wu si
means five four

Five Four was the Chinese name of the father of the Emperor. The Emperor had four brothers. Their Chinese names were:

written in English:zhu chong wu
means second five
written in English:zhu chong liu
means second six
written in English:zhu chong qi
means second seven
written in English:zhu chong ba
means second eight

After Zhu Chongba, or Zhu Second Eight, gained fame and fortune, he changed his name as Zhu Yuanzhang,

written in English:zhu yuan zhang

5. Conclusion

  1. Chinese given name usually is taken from a sentence in the classics, a phrase, lines of poetry, etc and carries its meaning.

  2. Common words used for boy's given names mean 'strong, powerful, gleaming brightness, shiny quality, brilliance, prosperous, flourishing, dragon, outstanding person, hero, mountain, gentle, mild, refined, etc'.