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Chinese character fonts

In Chinese, there are many styles of fonts as any language in the world.

But the common fonts are Song, Fang Song, Kai, Hei, Li, Wei, Regular Writing. And Yuan, Zhuan, and other fonts are used for graphic design or other situation. More fonts are available to your Chinese symbols tattoos.

Chinese font Hei Ti style Hei Ti, like black, every line is the same thick.

Chinese font Kai Ti style Kai Ti, almost a sample to learn to write Chinese characters.

Chinese font Li Shu style Li Shu, a style that originated in Han Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago.

Chinese font Song Ti style Song Ti, the most popular font, and is used commonly in publication, web site and most of media today.

Chinese font Wei Bei style Wei Bei, a style mainly used in the Chinese characters curved on the stone.

Chinese font Xing Shu style Xing Shu, the regular hand writing style, and is the most pretty one I have seen.

Chinese font Yuan Ti style Yuan Ti, all corner of line is round.

Chinese font Zhuan Shu style Zhuan Shu, a style that designed in Qin Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago.

Chinese font Xing Kai style Xing Kai, the font most similar to the hand writing, and a very beautiful one.